Blending your designs with our experience, innovation, and technology to
create custom LAMINATED GLASS and WATERJET CUTTING solutions.
At JIT, we pride ourselves in problems solved, friendships gained,
passion and growth never ending.

  • Birch Tree Wall Sculpture

    Project Partner: Charles Cudd Co.JIT waterjet cut substrates with chemical patina finish applied.
  • Twin City Tile & Marble floor plans

    JIT waterjet & laminate 3/4" Italian marble laminated to 1/4" plate steel
  • Rescue Project

    LEED sign using client-provided steel
    JIT Waterjet cutting corrected original sandblasting attempt
  • Rescue Project

    JIT precision waterjet cutting steel & aluminum lettering secured with epoxy
    RSP Architects LEED sign rescued
  • Partner Project

    16 stainless steel cables, vivid dichroic glass, blue stainless steel, bronze, terrazzo, 800 color-controlled LED lights, 80’x20’x20’
    JIT project partner: Studio Tylevich
  • DCTC Suspended Mobile

    JIT waterjet cut & embedded images, blue stainless steel panels with design-specific LED light
    Studio Tylevich, A-Spire Public Art, U of M
  • DCTC suspended 4-letter mobile

    JIT cut glass & metal components, intricate to the rotational design
    Studio Tylevich, Public Art, DCTC Fruits of Knowledge
  • Lettering & Signs, Plaques & Plates in many elements

    JIT waterjet design techniques, glass, metal, invisible fastening system
    Wilson & Associates-Architects, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi
  • JIT Rescue Recut

    250 tabletops ordered at 17-5/8" arrived at 18" JIT's laminated glass experience + precise 3/8" waterjet cutting= project savings in time & lots of dimes
    Hilton Hotel, Minneapolis renovation
  • Custom Letters

    JIT precision waterjet cutting custom letter bars
    GSI, the W Hotel
  • On-site Construction

    2-Story limestone fireplace. JIT waterjet cut each limestone piece to contractor specifications for flawless on-site installation
    Twin City Tile & Marble, Methodist Hospital
  • On-site Construction

    2 -Story limestone fireplace
    Twin City Tile & Marble, Methodist Hospital
  • Custom Signage

    JIT Waterjet cut & backlit design, on-site installation
    Wilson & Associates-Architects, Maslon, Edelman, Borman & Brand
  • Floor Inlay

    Exactitude at JIT creates successful floor inlays in many mediums
    Church Interiors, St. Peters Church
  • Manufacturing

    JIT maximizes manufacturing cost efficiency, FAI Benchmark, Blank Out, QC Compliance, Skin Packaging
    Harlow Aerospace, Cessna Jet Throttle Lever
  • Design-Specific Components

    JIT waterjet cutting produced design-specific, no-room-for-error, book tower building components
    Split Rock Studios, The Lincoln Book Tower at Ford Center for Education & Leadership
  • Design-Specific Components

    After two weeks of book tower construction
    Split Rock Studios, The Lincoln Book Tower at Ford Center for Education & Leadership